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100% Creatine

100% Creatine

600g Tin

  • Strength and muscle performance improvement
  • Pure, top-quality creatine monohydrate
  • Optimal absorption
  • Regularly checked quality
  • Gluten-free

Creatine powder. Dietary food for athletes during intensive muscle exertion in sports involving athletics, strength and agility.



100% Creatine consisting of pure, top-quality, microfine-milled creatine monohydrate is optimally absorbed into the body.
The natural bodily turnover of creatine is around 3 g/day and is covered by synthesis within the body and by eating animal-based foods. Targeted intake of creatine raises its level in the body and the development of creatine phosphate, which is important for energy storage in the muscle cells.
The creatine content in a muscle largely determines how long a muscle can exert its maximum effort. Performance is increased through the intake of creatine for a more effective training for sports involving athletics, strength and agility.


Stir 5 g powder (after the 6th day, 3 g powder) per portion in 300 ml water or a carbohydrate-rich drink


Not suitable for children or young people. Intake of creatine can lead to weight gain through increased water storage in the muscular tissue.


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