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Champ Sportsline
Champ Weight Gainer
Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer

1500g Tin

  • Development of fat-free muscle mass
  • Carbohydrate protein development formula with 3 protein components
  • A highly-dosed micronutrient complex
  • Gluten-free

Powder for making a drink containing proteins and carbohydrates. Includes vitamins and minerals. A dietary food for intensive muscle exertion, especially for athletes.




The Weight Gainer contains 20% protein in the form of a mix of three quality protein sources, 68% carbohydrates and enriched by a highly-dosed micronutrient complex of 8 vitamins with calcium, magnesium and iron minerals. It has a carbohydrate-protein development formula and a very low fat content. Champ Weight Gainer is ideal for the development of muscles in combination with intensive strength and muscle-development training. It is perfectly suited to people who have difficulty gaining weight in spite of frequent food intake. It is also ideal for refuelling the body’s carbohydrate storage for better performance.

Recommended intake:

1 to 2 portions daily depending on the body weight and training phase.


Prepare 75 g powder (approx. 5 heaped dessert spoons) per portion in 300 ml semi-skimmed milk (1.5% fat), mix in a shaker or with a mixer.


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