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Athletes often only concentrate on their training, paying no attention to their nutrition. However the goal of muscle building can only be achieved if sufficient energy in the form of carbohydrates is consumed in the diet. Carbohydrates provide the energy that’s required to train hard and they are needed in surplus to stimulate the build-up processes in the body.

Without the sufficient supply of energy, the training stimulation cannot be transformed into the optimum muscle building! So the first rule for building muscles is: Ingest more energy than the body normally needs over the course of the day in order to support build-up processes that consume a lot energy.

If sufficient energy is ingested, then the second rule plays an equally important role: Without protein, it’s all for nothing! Protein is the building material for muscles, ligaments and tendons. The daily requirement is approximately doubled and constitutes 1.5-2.0 g per kg of body weight.

Load up on nutrients before training:

The body should already be supplied with carbohydrates as an energy source and some protein before training to ensure top performance.

Consuming approximately 250 ml of Champ Multi Isotonic Drink and a Power Snack bar around 15 minutes prior to the start of the workout is suited for this. The mix of carbohydrates and protein along with the vital substances in the Multi Isotonic Drink will give your performance the optimum support!

During the workout:

A fluid deficit always has a performance-decreasing effect. For this reason, drink 1 litre of fluid per hour, for example in the form of Multi Isotonic Drink to replace the fluids and minerals lost through perspiration – ideally around 250 ml every 15 minutes.

After the workout:

Particularly the phase directly following a strenuous workout should be used to supply the body with high-grade regenerative nutrients. The Champ Muscle Protein 90 Shake with 5 high-grade protein components, minerals and vitamins supporting the regeneration is ideally suited for this. The ready-to-drink Champ High Protein Drink is ideal when you’re on the go.

The 10 Most Important Tips on the Topic of Muscle Building:

  1. Make sure you have a regular meal rhythm. Eat 5 times per day!
  2. While you’re asleep, your body uses the available nutrients for regeneration and as a source of energy. The next morning your tank is empty! Start your day with a breakfast of high-quality carbohydrates and protein.
  3. A protein shake or protein bar is ideal as a snack.
  4. Lunch should also consist of high-grade, easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates. Fish with salad and vegetables, or turkey with rice are well suited.
  5. Before your workout, a carbohydrate-rich beverage with a protein snack makes sense. The body can use liquid carbohydrates faster. This makes them the most effective energy source.
  6. A regular training of approximately 2-3 units per week is important for your introduction into muscle building training.
  7. During your workout, consume beverages containing vital substances. Drink at least 1 litre per hour of training.
  8. Help your body in answering the training stimulation – do so by drinking a protein shake after every workout. This is exactly the time when a fast and long-lasting supply of protein is important for your body. Protein supplies your body with the amino acid components for muscle build-up and regeneration. Without a regular supply of protein, your muscle building will be inhibited and your training is less effective.
  9. If your development is not coming along to your satisfaction despite intensive training, we recommend an extra meal in the form of Champ Weight Gainer.
  10. Ensure that you have an adequate sleeping phase for optimum regeneration! Only the optimum alternation from physical activity to relaxation guarantees that you will reach your muscle building workout goal.

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